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The Newlife Charitable Trust- a home for the aged and helpless children.Celebrating 25 years of SERVICE. A non-profit, secular, registered NGO based in Chennai - India...

Life's most urgent question is:
What you are doing for OTHERS?

Many of the Problems
in life are
because of 2 Reasons:
We act without thinking

We keep thinking without acting.

Volunteers are not paid--
NOT because, they are WORTHLESS, BUT because
they are PRICELESS...

In this life,
We cannot do great things,

We can only do small things,
with great LOVE...

The best way to find yourself is to,
lose yourself in the SERVICE OF OTHERS...?

wants to feel the above,
Just say Hello...


M +91 98847 60411

    +91 44 22392424

P +91 44 22399551

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